A Quick Blood Test Can Help Determine Your Testosterone Levels

At Limitless Options Men's Clinic, testing your testosterone levels is a simple lab draw blood test. Laboratory testing is essential to the diagnosis of low testosterone (or Low T), and it aids in the course of treatment we recommend. Our diagnostic capabilities make us the preferred clinic for testosterone testing and Testosterone Replacement Therapy in the Orlando/Winter Park MSA.

Should I visit Limitless Options Men's Clinic for Testosterone Testing?

Low testosterone affects men of all ages, so many think that their age makes them immune. Not so! The most common side effects of Low T are fatigue, weight gain, and loss of libido. Learn more about the symptoms of low testosterone HERE. If you are experiencing constant fatigue no matter how much you sleep or are gaining weight you can’t seem to take off, you should consider our Testosterone Testing.

What do you test for?

When you visit Limitless Options Medical Clinic for Testosterone Testing, we take into account several factors in the bloodwork that we collect. We are not just testing for baseline blood levels, but also for what may appear to be “normal” levels holistically. Often times your holistic “normal” testosterone levels may indicate that some levels are lower than others, which also contributes to the symptoms you are experiencing. The appropriate diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of Low T require taking into account the following:

What indicators are you testing for?

We will take a close look at your overall testosterone testing results, as well as your symptoms. We’ll meet to discuss your symptoms, test results and your goals, then recommend a treatment program, including Testosterone Replacement Therapy, if necessary. These are just a few things we are looking for:

How can Limitless Options help me?

Testosterone Testing and Testosterone Replacement Therapy all start with a simple blood test. With proper diagnosis and treatment of your condition, you can expect a transformation that looks and feels like you are 5-10 years younger and 15-20 lbs lighter.

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